Monday, 24 September 2012

The Darkman’s Son by Meg Whitlock

Jason Latimer is rescued from a mugging in a dark alley by a woman. Jason is shocked and surprised how this one woman could fight off his attackers who where three times as big as her. When the mysterious woman calling herself Alex tries to tell Jason the men who attacked him where actually demons and offers him protection. Jason thinks that the woman is crazy.

That night Jason dreams of a dark man who also offers Jason protection.  Unsure now about what is going on, a twist of fate brings Jason and Alex back together. Jason wants to find more about what Alex was talking about in the alley. Are her insane claims about Angels, Demons and Guardians true? Jason will have to face the truth, and his life is about to change forever.

The Darkman’s Son is an excellently well told story, by cleverly telling the story in the present day and going back in time to historical events. The story is also told using a journal which gives the reader a good background which gels the story together perfectly. This is a fantasy meets historical novel. There are some great characters good and bad or light and dark as the book refers to them. The story is very lively and entertaining and builds up to a real cliff-hanger of an ending, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel.

Meg Whitlock has been writing nearly all her life, and she’s glad she finally got over her laziness and wrote the book she’s been dreaming about for years. She graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a BA in Comparative Arts with an Art History specialization an Ancient History minor… which is a mouthful no matter how you say it. She has four cats (including an invisible one) a car named Babar, and a vivid imagination.

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