Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Little Book about Something Much Bigger:

The Gift of Spiritual Practice by Victoria Cryder and Louis Hughes

The Gift of Spiritual Practice is a guide book to help the reader become more spiritually aware, by finding out how to tap into our intuition also known as ‘The Sixth Sense’. So that the reader can put this to practice in their everyday lives and be more in touch with their inner self.

The authors share some good experience and advice. At the end of each chapter there are exercises for the reader to do and by doing these and learning new techniques the reader can put them to practice to help live a fulfilling life. There are some interesting topics covered in the book and it does make you reflex on your life and it makes you feel grateful for what you have and content with life after reading. The good advice about spiritual practice could be a great help to you if you are looking for guidance with life and are looking to improve your life for the better. The book can easily be read in one sitting and although only a small book the reader can get a lot out of this book in knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

To buy this book form, click here:

To buy this book form, click here:

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