Sunday, 23 September 2012

Too Much Trouble in Paradise by Michelle Betham

Molly used to be married to professional darts player Paul Parker. Paul had been the perfect loving husband at first, when his career had taken off he had changed and given into temptation too many times. The quiet dependable Paul had turned and changed into a man Molly could no longer live with.

After starting a new life on the beautiful Island of Tenerife, Molly was now engaged to handsome Spaniard Antonio after a whirlwind romance, Antonio had helped to heal her broken heart. Molly had a whole new life mapped out in front of her now and she is finally moving on with her life. Then ex-husband Paul turns up in Tenerife declaring his undying love for Molly.

Now Molly must make a choice to go forward and marry Antonio or to go back to her past and go back to Paul.

This is a really entertaining romantic comedy. The writing is perfectly put together to build up the laughs, almost like a stand-up comedy routine such good comedy timing. Brilliant humour and a warm, witty way with words, this book is just a good fun read through and through.

To buy this book from, click here

To buy this book from, click here

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