Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wake Me Up! A True Story Love Story about Life after Death by Lyn Ragan

This is Lyn’s true life story.

On a damp, dark and dreary Wednesday morning Lyn’s life changed forever, her future husband Chip is the victim of a horrific shooting and murdered, at only forty-one years of age. Too young to die especially the way he was taken. 

How do you say goodbye to someone you loved more than anything in the world?

How do you know how to say goodbye to someone who was perfectly fine just a few days ago?

This is the situation Lyn now finds herself in. When Lyn as vivid dreams about Chip and she as some experiences that she can not explain. She begins to ask herself is it possible that Chip still exists? Is he trying to show her that he has not gone and is trying to get her attention? Can Lyn now step out of her comfort zone and enter an unknown tour into the afterlife?

The book is about Lyn’s journey in her search to find out the truth, if it is possible for Chip to communicate with her and for her to communicate with him and is there life after death.

This is a really moving story that touches on just how difficult it is when we lose a loved one. It shows just how strong love can be. A real inspiring read that makes you think.

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  1. Thank you for the great review! I'm so glad we finally connected!!! Many blessings to you...Lyn

  2. Thanks to you too Lyn for writing and sharing your story. x x x