Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Making Waves by Nell Dixon

It should have been Cassidy’s wedding day but her fiancé Ethan has dumped her for another women. So she goes to stay in her friend’s vacant cottage in New Bay. This little picture-postcard cottage is her haven of peace and quiet, a place for her to reflect on what’s happened and think things through about what she is going to do with herself now.

Josh is having a three week holiday staying in his friend’s vacant cottage. He happens to be Cassidy’s work obsessed boss, running a thriving dotcom marketing business. Josh intends to have a great holiday catching up with friends, surfing and having parties at the cottage he is staying in.

The last person Cassidy would have wanted to run into in New Bay would be her boss Josh, so when they run into each other in the local café that was bad enough but they find out that by mistake they have ended up sharing the same cottage. Cassidy is disappointed seeing her chance of some peaceful respite to reflect on things is to be disturbed by Josh’s partying. With neither of them prepared to move out they come up with some compromises so they can share the cottage.

Cassidy is shocked to find that she starts to feel attracted to Josh. Is what she is feeling some kind of rebound effect from being jilted or is it something more?

Another great read from Nell Dixon This book may only be forty-six pages long but it is packed with a good story which can be read in one sitting, which with it being a real page turner of a book is a good thing. Nice likable characters set in a scenic coastal bay. With a hint of romance who could ask for anything more.

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