Sunday, 11 September 2011

Intimate Strangers by Laura Taylor

Nicholas Benteen is an ex-mercenary who now lives alone in a remote part of Northern Nevada in a secluded location. Nicholas has designed his home himself to be an isolated retreat; it is filled with security devices to protect his privacy. He also owns tens of thousands of acres of land that he has created a safe haven not only for himself but for the people who worked and helped him from his past and he has vowed to keep them safe and protect them. Nicholas sees this as his penance for dispensing death to those who prayed on the weak and vulnerable across the globe. Nicholas is worried that those people could come back and hurt or kill him and the people he is trying to protect.

Hannah Cassidy is a first grade teacher who has driven half-way across the country from St Louis Missouri to speak to Nicholas to ask for his help to locate her missing older brother Sean. She knows that Nicholas has a connection with her brother through him being mentioned in some of Sean’s letters. She needs to find Sean so that he can come home and see his serious ill mother because this may be her last chance to see Sean.

Nicholas is reluctant to help Hannah; he does not trust her, he thinks she is another adversary intent on exacting lethal revenge for his past deeds. Nicholas goes as far to at first intimidate Hannah to make her go away, but Hannah is stubborn and persistent for him to tell her where Sean is. Despite their differences there is a strong chemistry between Nicholas and Hannah and how will Nicholas handle been torn between his loyalty to protect Sean and the obligation he feels towards Hannah? Why has Sean avoided all contact with his family for so many years?

Suspense, romance and an erotic book for the eyes of adults only. WARNING this book contains some very HOT steamy sensual and fantastically well written sexy scenes.  So once again watch you are not reading in a public place to spare your blushes!!! It is a book well worth reading if you are into romantic and erotic books, but I can see it been enjoyed by a much wider reader due to its well written suspense storyline with a tough guy hero who is some what different to so many of the other heroes usually found in this genre.  I give this book TOP MARKS for a brilliant read. Written by Laura Taylor, who is an award winning author.

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  1. What an amazing review, Nikki!
    Heartfelt thanks!
    Laura Taylor

  2. Thank you Laura. I look forward to adding more of your books to my collection and reading and writing about them too x