Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Soul Protector by Amanda Leigh Cowley

This is the first book in the Soul Protector series.

Gracie Reynolds life is not going great, her boyfriend has dumped her and she is unhappy in her job. So it is with great reluctance that she attends one of her best friends Lydia’s birthday party. When Lydia’s boyfriend uses the party for an opportunity to propose to Lydia, Gracie finds that instead of been thrilled for her friend she is instead eaten up by jealousy. She wants to share her friend’s happiness and wishes she could swap places with Lydia, because Lydia seems to have it all. Unknown to Gracie she is in fact a Soul Protector which means that at random she can switch into other people’s bodies. She finds this out when she gives Lydia a complementary congratulation hug after a dizzy spell she discovers that she is now occupying Lydia’s body and that she has switch bodies. Luckily for Gracie when she wants the nightmare to end everything goes back to normal and she returns back to her own body. Confused about what just happened she can find no logical explanation why this happened. So she decides to keep quiet about it.

Later when she sees a man with a strange orange glow, watching her does he hold the key to finding the answers to what is happening to Gracie?

This is a really original and unique story about body switching. We have all seen the body switching films which all give us the same storyline they switch bodies and then spend the entire film trying to switch back. This is not one of those stereotypical stories. This story concentrates more on Gracie as a person and we learn all about her background.  We go on the journey with her as she discovers that she is a Soul Protector and what it means to be one.  I think this is only the start of Gracie’s adventures and would look forward to reading many more. 

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  1. Great review! I'm really looking forward to reading this.

  2. Thank you Shalini it is a fantastic story its storyline is brilliant keeps you interested all the way through x

  3. Gosh, that sounds really interesting Nikki. I shall be putting this on my I'd Like To Read List, thanks for sharing a great review x x