Saturday, 24 September 2011

Under the Rainbow by Mary O’Sullivan

After finding out her boyfriend is cheating, Adele Burke decides to leave her home and teaching job in Dublin for a year. Adele decides to return back to her hometown of Cairnsure on the South coast.

She is looking forward to being back with family and friends, particularly her friend Carla who is now a wife and mother and Jodi who has a successful career working as an accountant. All three of them will soon be celebrating their thirtieth birthdays and Adele is hoping to rekindle the closeness of their friendship that they have shared from childhood.

However things do not go as well as she plans when she returns, she seems to be surrounded by mysteries. She is disappointed to find that Carla and Jodi seem to be too busy wrapped up in their own lives. Carla who seems to have it all, the perfect lifestyle seems to be unhappy, while Jodi has left her blossoming career behind in London that was going so well. Adele’s widowed mother begins to act strangely when Eoin Kirby arrives in town from New Zealand. Her mother even goes as far as warning Adele not to have any thing to do with him, but does not explain why.

What is going on? What are the people she holds dear to, her keeping from her?

Adele must deal with deceit, heartbreak and tragedy before Cairnsure gives up its secrets.

This is the second book by Mary O’Sullivan and I enjoyed reading this just as much as the first book. It is a real page turner of a book; I could not put it down. So much happens it is none stop drama from beginning to end. I wanted to find out what was going on and happening with each character. The book has a fantastic cast of characters who all have their own mysteries and secrets to unravel.  I really recommend this book it is really well written with such well thought out storylines that take you on an emotional journey.

I will now be adding all of Mary O’Sullivan’s books to my collection and I can not wait to read them.

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