Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sophie’s Turn by Nicky Wells

Sophie Penhalligan was a fan of the band TUSCQ in the 80’s. So much so that she managed to spend some time with the band travelling back from a gig on their tour bus one time and she got very close to the bands lead singer Dan.

Now she is working as a journalist on the local newspaper Read London and she has been going out with her accountant boyfriend Tim for the last two years, it is not what you would call the perfect relationship but when Tim proposes Sophie says yes.

When Sophie is at the airport waiting to catch a flight she bumps into Darren from the band and they get talking and Darren tells her that the band are still performing gigs together, so when Sophie sees that they are playing near her she decides to go. This gets her back in touch with the group. Dan is still the lead singer and there is still an attraction between the pair. However Sophie is honest with Dan and tells him about her engagement to Tim.

When the band go on tour Dan engineers it that Sophie has to go on tour with them to give her newspaper the exclusive scoop all about the tour and the band, she is the only journalist that they will give access all areas to. So when her boss tells her she has to go or lose her job a reluctant Sophie goes on tour with the band.

Can she resist temptation?

Is Dan the right choice and Tim the wrong one?

This is the first novel from Nicky Wells and it is really well written with an interesting and entertaining and fun storyline. This book is an enjoyable read for all chick lit fans.

For more information on books by Nicky Wells visit her website http://nickywellsklippert.wordpress.com/


  1. Sounds like just the sort of dilemma that makes for a fun read! It's on my list and I can't wait to be turning that first page! Love the review Nikki.

  2. This sounds exciting - and I want to read it to find out who Sophie chooses!

    Love the cover btw!

    Janice xx

  3. A very down to earth and realistic plot!!! Sounds just like the sort of thing I used to get up to back in the 70's when I used to be the singer in the band and wonder whether to marry the rock star or the fan who might prove a more stable bet...now which was it to be???

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  5. Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this it is a brilliant read x