Thursday, 15 September 2011

Secrets about life every woman should know by Barbara De Angelis

This is a spiritual self-help book that Barbara De Angelis wrote and shared with us how we can create the happy, fulfilled life we have always dreamed of by using ten principles for total spiritual and emotional fulfilment. Each of the ten principles is given its own chapter to explain to us how using each one of these principles can help us to create the kind of true freedom we are all seeking, the freedom that comes from knowing how to tap into a powerful inner state of confidence, clarity and peace.  This book gives us the tools to put in practice an inner centre of emotional and spiritual self-reliance. We learn how to discover a sense of real emotional security that nothing and no one can ever take away. We learn to experience the kind of lasting happiness you’ve always hoped was possible. We learn how to work with not against the flow of change and how to become bigger than your own fear. Discover that everything you need to be happy is inside you.

Barbara De Angelis Ph.D. is a world renowned relationships psychologist and counsellor. This is one of the best spiritual self-help books I have read if not the best. It is so easy to follow. You know how sometimes with these types of books they can be written in such a dull, complicated uninteresting way? Well this is not one of them! It is like chatting to a friend over a cup of coffee. It is guiding you but you don’t feel like you are being guided it is done in such a simple way that you remember everything that Barbara is telling us so it is so easy to learn the principles without having to take notes or re-read chapters.  It is a very inspiring read and I certainly will be trying to put the ten principles in my own life. So you do get a lot out of reading this book. I will look forward to reading more of Barbara De Angelis books they are a brilliant read.

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