Monday, 7 January 2013

Eastleigh Then & Now in Colour by Penny Legg

Eastleigh’s history is told by Penny Legg in this wonderful book that will bring back memories if you are from the Eastleigh area or have a connection to Eastleigh. Like many of Penny Legg’s books the history is told using old photographs and placing them with modern up- to-date glossy coloured photographs of interesting points and places. So we, the reader can compare the photographs from the past with the new to see just how much Eastleigh has changed over the years. For buildings which have survived, what have they become in the modern day? Just what were they in the past? With interesting and informative and well researched information to accompany the photographs you can learn a lot from this book or just to have a trip down memory lane to see what you remember about Eastleigh.

If you know Eastleigh, are a local or are the same as me who have never visited Eastleigh, but are interested in history you will find this book fascinating and educational too, lots of interesting facts and lots of places in Eastleigh covered too. This is a book that can easily be read in one sitting. I really enjoyed comparing the photographs from past and present, once again another remarkable read from Penny Legg.

Penny Legg is a writer, photographer and public speaker. She has contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines, as well as writing several popular books on the area. Penny is the founder member of Writing Buddies, and is a key member of many other writing groups. She lives in Southampton.

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