Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Story by Dannii Minogue

From her early upbringing in Australia and finding herself in the spotlight at an early age, to her pop career, and her true feelings about her sister Kylie. With behind the scenes and gossip from the X factor and what really did happen with Sharon Osbourne. To the tragedy of losing friends to cancer and helping support Kylie through her own battle with the disease and to finding love and becoming a mother,

A well written and interesting account of Dannii Minogue’s life so far. From the lime light to her private life are covered in this book. We learn the truth behind the headlines and what really did happen.  If you are a fan or if you like reading books about people this is an enjoyable and entertaining read that is also quite touching in parts. I was surprised to learn just how much I didn’t know about Dannii Minogue.

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