Tuesday, 15 January 2013

H.E.R.O Rise and Fall by Kevin Gerald Rau

This is the third book in the H.E.R.O series.

In this book we meet some amazing new characters.

Diva is a new member of H.E.R.O, and she is helped to get use to her new powers as a super by our now well-known supers from the last two books. Diva is a very sweet and likable character.
For Chrome changing into a super has been more like a curse than a blessing, her entire life has been destroyed by her change and her world is falling apart.

Gravitix has no interest in joining H.E.R.O; he wants to use his powers to make a lot of money. But will it be for good or evil the lengths in which he is prepared to go to for his own personal gain.
Shrinker is a mutant and she is very bitter and has a massive chip on her shoulder, she wants to build up an army of mutants. Shrinker is manipulative and calculating as she tries to bring the new supers on her side, to help her free the mutant followers she lost in H.E.R.O Metamorphosis.
Along with the fantastic new characters we meet up with the familiar characters from the last two novels.

Although H.E.R.O Rise and Fall is a much shorter novel, than the previous ones in the series, this does not disappoint, you still get lots of action and the introducing of the new characters keeps the storylines fresh, as well as involving the characters from the last two novels which are now well known and well liked. I look forward to seeing how the new characters develop, and to which path they will follow, good or bad. I really do enjoy these books; I just find them really entertaining. On to book four I go!

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