Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Pin-up in World War II by Mike Brown

This is a well-researched book all about the history of the pin-up. The pin-up usually a photograph or illustration of a semi-nude or nude model, that became popular especially during World War II. The book contains a collection of pin-up pictures accompanied by many interesting and historical pin-up facts. We learn who the first pin-up was and which ones were the most popular during the second world war.  We learn also about the artists behind the pictures and the fashion, the style and the pose of the pictures. The book covers a good nostalgic look back of the pin-up.

Mike Brown was Head of History in a London school. In the absence of a book about the Home Front for his pupils, he decided to write one himself. In so doing he became something of an authority on the Home Front and has to date written many books on the subject, several in conjunction with his wife Carol Harris. They live in South-east London with their sons William and Ralph (when they come back from university to be fed). Mike retired from teaching in July 2010 and now works full-time writing, giving talks and doing research.

To buy this book from Amazon UK, click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1781220026

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