Monday, 7 January 2013

Utility Furniture by Jon Mills

The 1943 Utility Furniture Catalogue with an explanation of Britain’s Second World War Utility Furniture Scheme.

During the war with so many people’s homes and contents getting destroyed in the Blitz, just how did people replace basic furniture? Especially when there was a short supply of wood to make new furniture and the cost of second hand furniture was rising to expensive levels. 

The government came up with the answer, a government scheme was introduced the Utility Furniture Scheme for those in need and if you could prove you were in need then you could get a permit to purchase items from the catalogue. From 1943 the items shown in this book, were the only items of new furniture you could buy in Britain at the time. 

This is a fascinating guide book, which also include a full replica of the first Utility Catalogue that appeared in 1943. You may remember some of these items of furniture available in the catalogue and maybe in your home if you were brought up in the 1950’s. At thirty-eight I had no idea and I found this book a fascinating read, it amazes me that you can get into your late thirties and still find and learn interesting historical facts that you knew nothing about. You learn about the damage done in the war but not about the basic things, things although appear quite simple are in fact important and really must have mattered to people a lot at the time.

Although this is only a small book that can be easily read in one sitting, it is packed full of interest information and facts and is a really great guide book that covers everything on the subject and you can learn a lot from it. I know I did.

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