Monday, 7 January 2013

H.E.R.O New Markets by Kevin Rau

This is the second book in the fantastic H.E.R.O (Homeland Extraordinary Response Organization) series. 

We meet up with the three leading characters from the first book, Psystar, Spartan and Black Tiger, following straight on from where the last book left us, it is now two nights after their transformation into Supers. Our heroes are called to assist in a kidnapping of a young girl, but when they try to rescue the girl and investigate things further, the team find out there is a lot more going on than they first thought. It would seem that the kidnappers are deliberately hunting and capturing new Supers and with an evil crime lord behind this, just for what purpose exactly could they want new Supers for? Can our heroes find out why and save the day?

What I really like about this series of books, is that it changes characters which you would normally only find in comic books, and by putting them in a book you can expand so much more on storylines and background and elevate what is an old idea of super heroes saving the day to a more complex and much deeper view of the characters’ lives and turning a simple pattern of what could have been comic books stories into a strong and original franchise.  I really like the fact of how down to earth all the characters are, as they juggle normal life with adapting to their new powers and new roles. They remind me of new born animals that stumble and fall when first trying to walk after birth, after a few initial falls and a wobbly start you know the animal will walk just fine, just as sure I am that the characters will develop more and more as we go on reading the series of books, and go on to make superb Supers. New characters are also introduced in this book and we also meet some of the Supers that already work for H.E.R.O which add to the entertainment and the stories development.
I cannot wait to go on to read the third book in this series and I now have my favourite Super!

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  1. Nikki - thanks for the review!

    You didn't mention WHO your favorite hero is, however. Huh huh?

  2. Thanks Kevin. Wow! What a great read on to book three really soon. And my favourite?????? I could not possibly give that a way just yet ha ha!