Friday, 18 January 2013

Witch Hunt by Syd Moore

Sadie Asquith is a freelance journalist, who has always had a strong interest in the witchcraft trials, so she decides to research and write a book all about the 16th Century witchcraft trials. Sadie is from and lives in Essex, so she is surprised to find that the number of people put to their death, or cruelly treated on account of suspicion that they were witches in Essex, is really high, and worth writing a book on.

During her research Sadie experiences strange events and happenings that she cannot explain.  The more involved she gets into her research and the more closer to the truth, it seems to be bringing her closer to a connection between herself and those brutally killed centuries ago. Sadie much search for the truth to find peace not only for the lost souls to witchcraft but for her own piece of mind.

This is a really interesting and a great storyline. Looking at the cover of the book you may be mistaken in thinking this could be a really dark horror story, and a really scary read about witches and ghosts, when in actual fact it is far gentler than that, it is more of a chilling, mystery, suspense, paranormal story. The clues are there in the story and the reader is almost teased in a way of what is to come in the story, that makes you unable to put the book down and it is a real page turner. The historical facts are well researched and accurate and the way the story is written you do really empathise with those that perished and who were so cruelly treated, and the prejudice against them, for the silliest of things when they were accused of witchcraft. The story builds up to a dramatic conclusion as is one to add to your to read pile.

Syd Moore is the author of The Drowning Pool, a novel inspired by the legend of a 19th Century Essex woman – the sea Witch Sarah Moore, Syd is co-creator of Super Strumps, the game that reclaims female stereotypes through the medium of Top Trumps, and was founding editor of Level 4, an arts and culture magazine based in South Essex. She has worked extensively in publishing and the book trade, and presented three series’ of Channel 4’s late night book programme, Pulp. Syd lives in Essex.

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