Thursday, 8 January 2015

Paradigm by Helen Stringer

Sam’s life is simple, driving around the wilds with his friend Nathan, selling junk from the back of the car, his beloved red GTO that they have managed to collect, which are mainly old electronic gadgets that many people now in the future do not use anymore.

On what they think will be a quick and simple trip into the city, Century City turns out to be an eye opener of the start of an adventure, when they stumble across a dying monk who mysteriously asks Sam to return a box.  The box looks strangely familiar to Sam. The box is called The Paradigm Device.

Sam soon finds his life is about to change that others want the box. Sam finds himself on the run from Carolyn Bast a woman who not only runs her own company, but seemingly runs the city too. Sam is unaware he is carrying a key that not only Carolyn Bast is after, but something far more dangerous called MUTHA a powerful artificial entity that has been watching and waiting for Sam to return.

Just what is the importance of the key? And why is Sam so closely connected to it?

Set in the United States in the future when the world as we know it as all but disappeared, and humans try and survive on the resources left, a world that they have only ever known.  Paradigm is one of those great unpredictable stories, I like not knowing what is coming next, and the story intrigued me right to the very end. I will look forward to reading more books by the author Helen Stringer.

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