Saturday, 3 January 2015

Goodness, Grace and me by Julie Houston

Nick and Harriet have just got back on their feet after Nick’s business went bust. Harriet had gone back to work teaching so that they could manage financially.  They are doing fine after what could have potentially lost them everything. Then Nick decides he is going to go into business with local business man David Henderson, and take what Harriet considers a huge risk, and she fears they will lose everything.

Harriet’s already heightened anxiety, and fear is made worse by the arrival of David’s beautiful wife Amanda, who Harriet recognises as Amanda Goodners a girl she went to school with, and who herself and best friend Grace called Little Miss Goodness, the past they share is not the best, and with Amanda’s reputation, Harriet has the added worry of Amanda working close with Nick, and them spending time together on business trips abroad to Italy, while she is left to keep them financially afloat working and taking care of the children.

In such a short span of time lots of life calamities seem to hit Harriet all at once, with hilarious and laugh-out loud situations, as everything and everyone in Harriet’s life cause mayhem and chaos around her. Set in West Yorkshire, and with a superb cast of characters which make this book an extremely funny and entertaining read.  

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