Saturday, 24 January 2015

Love & the Goddess by Mary Elizabeth Coen

When Kate’s husband announces he wants a divorce after a marriage of twenty-three years, Kate is left shocked as the life she has known comes to an end. Kate moves to Galway City, and when she goes through an upsetting and traumatic health scare this prompts Kate to go on a spiritual journey of enlightenment to seek out healers and spiritual gurus. To help her develop personal growth and development which will her find her inner strength and inner goddess to help her move on, and embrace the person she always was, and could be.

First I have to say what an incredible beautiful book this feels when reading.  The detail and presentation of the way the book is set out is a wonderful details that as to be mentioned. Although this book is a long read, I read it in almost one sitting. I found the words on each and every page of this book to reach out and touch me. There is something very emotionally charged, and powerful about this story that made me want to breath in every word, and follow Kate through her awakening. I wanted to encourage her to tell her she can do it! This book is going in my top ten reads, and it deserves more than five stars.

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