Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blogger Girl by Meredith Schorr

Kim writes her own Chick Lit book reviewing blog which is hugely popular, while also working as a legal secretary. Kim occasionally meets Jonathan her ex for sex that changes when she falls for Nicholas who works as an associate at the same company.

When Kim gets a request for a review from a new author Hannah Marshak, Kim is horrified, Hannah is a girl at school who was not very nice to her at school, and she has not seen her for over ten years. Kim is faced with the dilemma of reading and reviewing a book for someone she absolutely detests. Kim could make or break Hannah’s career as a writer.

Meanwhile she begins to date Nicholas, and she tells him her dilemma, and when she gets the response she does not expect it looks like their romance could be over before it begins, especially with the arrival of new associate Daneen.

OK… OK, I will let you into a secret I love Chick Lit! It is my guilty pleasure and I stand proud to come out and say this is a perfect Chick Lit novel with all that you could want and expect from this genre. Perfect for all us girls who have busy lives and just want to chill and detox with a good read.  

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