Monday, 5 January 2015

Crimes of Memory by L.J. Sellers (Detective Jackson Mystery #8)

Detective Jackson is called onto a new homicide case, the murder of a homeless man. Wade Jackson needs, and want to be at home spending more time with his teenage daughter Katie, since the death of her mother her behaviour is getting seriously out of control.

Agents River and Dallas are investigating an explosion in a water bottle factory; they think it may be linked to an eco-terrorist group named Love the Earth. With a long line of suspects each one holding back the truth the agents must move fast before the bombers strike again.

From the books explosive start at the beginning of the book; I knew I was in for a good read. L.J. Sellers never disappoints, with her perfectly put together crime thrillers that leave you reading on, and on without wanting to stop. You are so gripped that you cannot wait to see what will happen next, as each chapter is action packed full of action and tension.

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