Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lily Steps Out by Rita Plush

There must be more to life than cooking and making beds, and after thirty years of doing just this suburban New York housewife Lily is going to find out. Lily decides to go out and find herself a job, she finds the perfect one, and a fantastic opportunity, but husband Leon soon tries to put a stop to her new life. Lily must take on the new challenge of finding her own strength, and identity to become the woman she knows she can be.

Not a lot really happens in this book, although I did find it a little slow-paced, I wanted to read on and see how the story developed. For me personally it never picked up pace and I found my attention drifting at times.  I wanted more to happen in the story; I found what was going on to be a little dreary at times. But it was true to life, realistic and a nice easy read.

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