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The Nightingale Nurses by Donna Douglas

We catch up with the trainee nurses at the Nightingale hospital in the third of Donna Douglas books in the Nightingale series.

The nurses are now in their final year of training and their final examinations are looming.

Dora is still in love with Nick, but Nick has done the right and responsible thing and married Ruby, Dora’s best friend and is prepared to make a go of their marriage. But will things change if Nick finds out that Ruby has not been honest and is keeping a dark secret from him?

Helen is in a good relationship with Charlie, much to her over bearing and interfering mother’s disappointment. Can she find the courage to stand up to her mother and to do what she feels best for her life?

Millie is left worried after getting a disturbing message from a fortune-teller regarding her fiancĂ©. When he is sent to Spain to cover the Civil War this only adds to Millie’s anxiety. Will the fortune-tellers prediction come true?

I really have enjoyed reading the Nightingale series of books by author Donna Douglas. I could not wait to read this, the third book and to pick up from where the last book left off, and to catch up with the lives of the young trainee nurses. Over the three books I have come to really care about what happens to these wonderful and likeable characters that Donna Douglas created.  Not only does this book concentrate on the lives of the leading characters but it covers historic events of the time, the pending war and life in the East End is becoming disrupted by the uprising of the blackshirts led by their fascist leader Oswald Mosley. They cause damage; destruction and violence on the streets, which adds to the pace of the story, making this book an excellent read and a book not to be missed.

Hello, I’m Donna Douglas and I’d like to thank Nikki for inviting me to visit her blog to tell you all about my new book, The Nightingale Nurses.

The Nightingale Nurses is the third in my series set in an East End hospital in the 1930s. But don’t worry if you haven’t read the first two, as you can enjoy the books separately as well as together!

The story begins in the spring of 1936, when student Helen Tremayne is six months away from her final exams. Her domineering mother Constance is determined that nothing should stand in the way of Helen’s success, least of all her working class boyfriend Charlie. Poor Helen finds herself torn between wanting to please her mother and following her heart. But then a twist of fate changes her life forever…

Her friends Dora and Millie are facing problems of their own. Society girl turned student nurse Millie is blissfully planning her wedding to her fiance Sebastian, a foreign correspondent. But then a fortune teller’s dire prediction makes her fear she might not get the happy ending she expects. Meanwhile, there’s no prospect of a happy ending for down to earth Dora. She has to stand by and watch as Nick, the love of her life, weds her pregnant best friend Ruby.  For her friend’s sake, she knows she must forget Nick and keep her feelings to herself. But little does she know Ruby is hiding a devastating secret of her own.

The Nightingale Nurses is a tale of love, courage and friendship against all the odds, set against the background of a pre-war East End hospital. I really hope you enjoy it. Look out for Nikki’s review coming soon!

The Nightingale Nurses is published by Arrow. It’s available from bookshops and supermarkets, or from Amazon –

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