Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Brilliant Ride by Lisa J Mitchell

Penelope Capwell Dupres or Pen to her friends has a privileged life, money, a nice home and a handsome French husband. But she has a nagging feeling that something is not right with her marriage and she feels like her husband is keeping secrets from her. Knowing that her marriage is not perfect she distracts herself by meeting up with her friends, attending charity functions, shopping, or losing herself in a book. 

A message from a psychic tells Pen to leave her husband so she can find true happiness and follow the path she is destined to take. Can Pen take charge of her life and bring change for the better?

A Brilliant Ride is a fantastic title for this book; this is what I feel I went on reading this story. I felt I was a rollercoaster!  With so much going on in the story, so many twists and turns. I have to admit that this book left me quite dizzy at times. But there was something about the story I did like, so I am not saying I disliked it in anyway, it was just for me personally there was too much going on, and it was too fast the pace at times, and I had trouble taking everything in, it made the story hard to follow.

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