Sunday, 10 November 2013

Storm Clouds Gathering by Pauline Barclay

Set in the north of England during the 1960’s. Storm Clouds Gathering tells the remarkable tale of three different characters.

Shirley Burton works at the local mill but finds herself in trouble when her marriage to Jimmy goes through a rough patch and she is drawn to bad boy Billy.

Kathleen Mitchell is happily married to Joe, and they have a young family, she is good friends with Shirley, they work together at the mill, and they enjoy nights out together at the Bingo.  Kathleen is lucky to have a win at the Bingo. But is her luck about to change?

Anne Simpson is a caring and good teacher who goes out of her way to help her young pupils.  Engaged to school master Paul Betham her future seems to be all planned out for her.  But will it be a happy ever after?

I have nothing but praise for author Pauline Barclay, who knows how to write wonderful and moving emotional stories.  The story really draws you in for the start, and the excellent way each chapter is written makes this a real page turner. This is a book you just cannot put down, and you will not be able to resist reading on to see what will happen.

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