Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Ever After by Nell Dixon

Lottie breaks off her engagement to her unreliable fiancé who badly lets her down just before their wedding. Knowing that there will be a media interest in her doing so, regarding her being a Lady and her place in society, she flees  to Tything Manor in Northumbria, her best friend Sophie’s home and a place where Lottie had spent  a lot of her time growing up. It was a place that always made her feel safe.

With Christmas approaching and with Sophie not able to come and stay with Lottie at the manor, Lottie finds herself staying with Sophie’s older brother Rafe.  Rafe is reserved and aloof and comes across as being anti-social, but when they find that Rafe has to go ahead with traditional Christmas festivities at the manor in Sophie’s absence, they soon throw themselves into organising and preparing for these Christmas events.

Soon they find themselves drawn together, but can shy Rafe share his feelings with Lottie before she returns home to London?

I really enjoy books by Nell Dixon and I really liked this one.  I liked how Rafe differs from the usual romantic hero breaking the usual stereotypes. I really enjoyed the romantic storyline, set at Christmas time and the wonderful way the story is written, making me not want to leave my warm cosy chair by the Christmas tree.

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