Sunday, 1 September 2013


This is another entertaining and fun read from author Carol E. Wyer.  This is a  great little book that is packed full of ideas and activities, to help keep your Grumpy  amused and help them find an interest and hobby that will make them feel useful again after they retire or are just a general grump. Ideas that will hopefully put a big smiley face on your Grumpy, once he has found a new life purpose and new challenges.

All in good fun and  filled full of humour and some crazy fun ideas, Carol lists her activities in alphabetical order and there are lots and lots of ideas over seven hundred worth to get your Grumpy going into trying out new things. I have to say I would not mind giving some of the activities included in this book a go!  I also enjoyed Carol’s jokes and statistics and interesting facts about older people and what they have gone onto achieve in later life.

This is a book guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and if you do live with a Grumpy the book itself will give you a much needed break to recharge your batteries and on a more serious note actually help you out for real by giving you an idea that just might work!

Thoroughly good fun!

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  1. I've just downloaded my copy...planning to read it while my 'Grumpy' is in his shed :)

    1. Oh Guernsey Girl! Not another Grumpy who has a shed! Thank you for downloading and enjoy the book! Xxx

  2. :) You will enjoy this book. You might even get it read all in one go before he returns from his shed!

  3. Nikki, what can I say? Thank you so much for this wonderful review. As reward I wanted to send you my very own Grumpy but then I thought better of it! Thank you again. I am so pleased with this I even hugged Grumpy!

  4. Ha Ha Will let you hang onto him eh Carol thanks :) Thanks as always for a great read that made me laugh :)

  5. Carol's books are all fantastic. She is one of my favorite writers. Wait till you read the next one!!

  6. I can't wait Carol it is currently working it's way up my to read and review pile and I know I can count on Carol for another amazing read :) Thank you for stopping by x