Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Left Overs by Stella Newman

When single Susie Rosen is labelled a ‘Leftover’ in a magazine feature, basically meaning she is a sad singleton, without her dream job, home and man and best friend Rebecca wants Susie to get over her ex and start on-line dating again.  Could this be the kick-start Susie needs to turn her life around?

I really enjoyed this book, about turning life around and making it work better.  I found myself cheering Susie on willing her to be happy and change things.  A story told with great humour and wit that I instantly warmed to from the beginning of the book.  I really like the cover of this book too, I think it is really pretty the design. This is a book not to be missed and there are some fantastic recipes at the end of the book too.

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