Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Bow Wow Club by Nicola May

Ruby Stevens had been happily married to George for five years when tragedy had struck leaving her a widow. Fifteen months later and after been mugged, Michael comes to her aid and is really kind to her so they begin a relationship. But when Michael feels that it may be too soon for Ruby to be in a relationship he backs away, knowing that she is still grieving, he decides to give her time in the hope that she will realise that she has feelings for Michael and that she will come back to him.

But when Ruby spots a guy who looks just like her deceased husband, she cannot help but feel attracted to him and she arranges to go out with him. Has Michael lost his chance at love?

The Bow Wow Club is a club that Ruby volunteers at. Bow Wow short for boyfriend of widows, wives of widowers.  The aim of the club is to help people who are dating the bereaved. Learning and sharing experiences about what it is like and the problems that can come up after your partner as lost somebody close to them.

This is the sequel to the brilliant Nicola may book, Working it out. This is a love story, all about moving on. The story is told with good humour and warm wit that keep this book an entertaining and lively read from beginning to end.   Another great read from author Nicola May.

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