Sunday, 1 September 2013

Escape to Mulberry Cottage by Victoria Connelly

This is author Victoria Connelly’s real life account of making her dream come true and moving to the country. Victoria has had the dream of moving to the country since she was a teenager, but sadly her dream is put on hold, as life leads her to London and she ends up living there for eleven years.

Feeling trapped by life in London and longing to escape with husband Roy and Molly their pet springer spaniel they find their escape in a beautiful old cottage. Mulberry Cottage and Victoria writes of the move and settling into country life, adjusting to the difference between town and country. Exploring her new environment and preparing her cottage and making the dream come true.

A really delightful read and always an inspiration when you read about people who against all odds make things happen and get to live their dreams. I really enjoyed the hen’s stories being included in the book too. As an animal lover Victoria decides to adopt and rescue some ex battery chickens and it been heart-warming to read about this and their adventures. The book also includes some beautiful photographs to accompany the story. 

There are some handy hints at the back of the book on how us townies can bring a touch of the country side to our lives and homes and a nice collection of country reading material that Victoria recommends and I certainly would like to read a few on her list. I enjoyed reading the readers’ Questions & Answers session at the end of the book, it is just so interesting to learn more about authors and their lives and this book is certainly an interesting read that can easily be read in one session.  

A wonderful, warm and pleasant read I really enjoyed reading this book.

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  1. Fab cover and sounds like a lovely read, Nikki


  2. Thanks for stopping by Dizzy C. It is a really nice read that you can just sit down in one sitting and read. I love books about real life and real people... Or perhaps I am just nosey. Ha Ha Ha!