Sunday, 25 August 2013

Girl Least Likely to Marry by Amy Andrews

Cassie Barclay is an intelligent woman with a high IQ, she had grown up quite solitary and this made her lack certain social skills. But luckily her flatmates had helped her with her sense of social awkwardness and educated her on such matters. Cassie, a scientist does not believe in love. She thinks love is for dreamers not thinkers and she is definitely a thinker.

Samuel “Tuck” Tucker is a jock who knows he is good looking and that he can have any woman he wants. When he meets Cassie he finds her to be a bit of a snob and he deliberately winds her up when she treats him as someone with lower intelligence. But when he asks her to dance and he finds her different from the usual woman he dates could this form an attraction?

Two complete opposites with absolutely nothing in common.

Can a geek and a jock come together and make sparks fly?

As part of the Modern Tempted Mills &Boon fantastic new series, Girl Least likely to Marry is a sensational read. Delivering romance as only Mills & Boon do best this is a brilliant story with some steamy scenes that make the storyline more charged and powerful, making this a book not to be missed. I really enjoyed reading this book and I am really looking forward to reading more in the series.

Amy Andrews has always loved writing, and still can’t quite believe that she gets to do it for a living. Creating wonderful heroines and gorgeous heroes and telling their stories is an amazing way to pass the day. Sometimes they don’t always act as she’d like them to-but then neither do her kids, so she’s kind of used to it. Amy lives in the very beautiful Samford Valley, with her husband and aforementioned children, along with six brown chickens and two black dogs.

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