Friday, 13 September 2013

Air Raids & Ration Books by Mike Brown & Carol Harris

Life on the Home Front in Wartime Britain

A colourful and very knowledgeable book that is packed full of well researched and interesting information all about what life was like for normal families during the war. Topics covered are Air Raids, Gasmasks, The Black out, Food Rationing and Ration books, Food Clothing and much, much more. The authors of this book Mike Brown and Carol Harris leave no stone unturned as this book really does cover each topic very thoroughly and I learnt so much from reading this book.

We learn about handy hints given to the public from magazines and the government also money saving tips about how normal life was affected by War. The book includes some wonderful illustrations, posters and photos that make this book an amazing educational read that I really enjoyed one of the best social history books I have ever read.

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