Thursday, 17 November 2011

Where the Rain is Made by Keta Diablo

Ethan Gray works as an assistant curator at the National Museum in Washington DC.  Ethan’s job provides him with the opportunity to see and touch everything he cherished, artefacts of the Cheyenne people.

Much to his supervisors joy Ethan is able to name and identify all the unidentified Native American artefacts in the museum. Ethan tells his supervisor he knows what the artefacts are because he has studied everything Native American and that the origin of his roots is Cheyenne.

The reason why Ethan can recognise and name all the artefacts is because he had used them in battle, ate with them and even played with them in past journeys because Ethan spends his time travelling through time to help his people, he becomes Meko leader of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. Sent back in time by the Sacred Council of Arrows he as always completed his missions successfully but while on his latest mission he kidnaps the beautiful Francesca Duvall and finds himself attracted to her will he win the battle of his heart? 

This is an erotic paranormal novel. A love story full of passion and there are some steamy scenes. Nice to have a story that’s got time travel and romance, together, making this a great story.

Keta Diablo lives on six acres of beautiful woodland. When she isn’t writing, she loves to read, garden and spending time at her local animal shelter trying to wrangle a way to bring them all home.

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  1. Thank you so much Nikki for reading and reviewing Where The Rain Is Made. So glad you enjoyed it. Recently, Where the Rain is Made has been nominated for BEST ROMANCE OF 2011 by Deep in the Heart of Romance. Voting is open until December 1st. If you've read the novel, I'd love your vote here:

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    Again, my humble thanks, Nikki, for your insightful thoughts.

    Namaste, Keta

  2. Thank you Keta for sharing your book with me. You have my vote best of luck :)