Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hidden Earth

Volume 1

By Janet Beasley
Illustrations by Dar Bagby

This is the first volume in a six volume series, of epic fantasy novels.

Iona has been happily married to Cole for the last five years. They live close to Iona’s parents Ann and Leonard. Over the past several months Iona had become the victim to several chronic health issues, so she depended on her husband and parents help. But when Iona’s family mysteriously go missing, Iona is forced to fend for herself. She has not been able to hold a job since the start of her illness and as time goes by she falls on hard times and loses everything. She has reached the end of her stash of emergency money and now she is about to be made homeless.

She had not given up on trying finding out what had happened to her family but she was becoming bitter. She had trusted SUL (Sorcerer of Unequivocal Leadership). SUL is a grand wizard creator of planets Earth and Maycly. Iona no longer trusts or believes in SUL.

When she is about to be evicted from her home a puppy called Wiskee is left on her doorstep. She becomes attached to the dog and keeps him. They are forced to sleep rough until a stranger offers them an apartment that they can stay in.

This is where the story begins to change and develop suddenly we go back to one hundred years ago and we learn all about Maycly. Giving the reader the background to what is Iona’s destiny. There is a fierce battle going on between good and evil.

Iona had longed for adventure but this was not exactly the adventure she had in her mind.

Will Iona discover what happened to her family?

Will she be strong enough to face her destiny?

Good or Evil which will prevail?

This epic book is packed full with action, adventure, twists and turns and recipes!
It is a bumper of a book over three hundred pages long. There is a lot of detail and characters to take in and to help the reader do this there are some beautiful full colour illustrations. This is a brilliant idea because the reader gets to see just what Maycly is like and there so many wonderful characters and creatures, that it would be difficult to keep up with all the information with out the pictures.

I liked the character Iona and I will look forward to reading the other books in this series and seeing how Iona’s character develops. Maycly is a magical book it takes you back to that lovely childhood feeling of when you still believed in the tooth fairy.

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  1. What a fantastic review Nikki and having met Janet and talked about Maycly I can't wait to read it myself. For a new author to start out with such a HUGE concept - and such a sizeable volume 1 - this is in anyone's vocabulary an EPIC. Let's hope someone out there is 'big enough' to handle the entire series and give this the exposure it deserves.

  2. Thanks Linn. I hope so too x

  3. First off, I want to say a huge thank you to you Nikki for such a stunning review. Just to let you know, I shed a tear of overwhelming joy regarding the tooth fairy comment - that's exactly the feeling I was going for! Appreciate you taking the time to read and review. Secondly, Linn, thanks for stopping by. I know your busy schedule and deeply appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Your words of encouragement are simply brilliant. Thank you both! ~Janet~

  4. I have been following the development of this epic with the author and can't wait to read the book. The illustrations throughout the book was such a great idea. It can really give the reader a great glimpse of the character.

  5. My pleasure Janet thanks to you too x

  6. You are in for a good read jb2. x