Sunday, 20 November 2011

Alison Wonderland by Helen Smith

When Alison suspects that her husband is been unfaithful to her, she hires a private detective agency to follow her husband for the next two weeks. When she has her suspicions confirmed. After destroying her wedding dress with a not so nice to put it polite leaving note to her husband she then goes to work for the very same detective agency that she hired. The all female Fitzgerald Bureau of Investigations in London where she works doing research and is given assignments.

It is important for me to say at this point that this is not a detective genre or a mystery but an originally written literary novel about a memorable heroine coping with the complexities of life. The story is more about the wonderful characters in Alison’s personal life than her work at the detective agency. They include her eccentric best friend Taron who believes her mother is a witch, her boss Mrs Fitzgerald, Jeff her love-struck poetry writing neighbour, a psychic postman and a strange creature called a Shig!

I have never read a book like Alison Wonderland before, the story drifts you along in an almost daydream feeling pace keeping you entertained, intrigued  and a little baffled at times in a good way. The book as got a very odd mix of characters but it works making the book a likable and unique read. It is a quirky story about love and friendship. Written with deadpan humour that makes this book is an amazing read and just like the play on the title I think I may have just stepped through the looking glass and found a brand new genre.

Helen Smith is a novelist and playwright and the recipient of an Arts Council of England Award. In addition to Alison Wonderland she is the author of Being Light, The miracle Inspector and two children’s books. Her plays have been produced to critical acclaim in the United Kingdom. She has travelled all over the world and currently lives in London.

For more information on the author click the link: Helen Smith

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