Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dahlia’s Bouquet by Tammara Aguado

Daisy and Joseph have settled down, making their home on some land that Joseph won in a bet. They plan to grow a few crops and to raise a family. The future is looking good until one tragic night Daisy’s life changes forever.

Lilly identity is often mistaken. Sometimes the incidents were small sometimes there was a big commotion when people realised that the pale skinned Lilly has a black mother. When the depression hits and Lilly’s mother’s small dress business can’t survive the blow, Lilly and her mother take work amongst the rich doing domestic work.  Lilly’s mother encourages Lilly to leave to use her skin colour to get a decent life. To go to a place were nobody knows her parentage. Doing this she becomes friends with a socialite called Doris who introduces Lilly to Stewart who Lilly falls for and she looks to have her future secure and settled.

Will Lilly be able to keep her true identity hidden and be able to enjoy a privilege life?

Violet is going to visit her granddaughter who is going through a difficult time. She has not seen her sixteen year old granddaughter for ten years. At the reunion Violet reveals to her granddaughter about their families past of tragedy, secrets and bad decisions that had pulled the family apart.

This is the debut novel from Tammara Aguado. It is a really moving, powerful and emotional family saga. I found myself getting really attached to the characters and really caring about what happens to them. I would read more books by Tammara she is a wonderful writer. This is a five star book well worth reading.

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