Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Inside Out by Mary O’Sullivan

For the past twenty years Meg Enright has been married to John the couple met when Meg was on a night out with her best friend Lynn Rooney and the three have remained close friends ever since.

John and Meg now have two children who are now almost grown up and fully independent. Meg and Lynn are running a successful business together and John is running a storage company. John lives and breathes for his job, his whole life now revolves around his work and he is spending less and less time with his family.

When Carrie, Meg and John’s daughter seems to be missing while on a trip abroad and Meg becomes concerned about her daughter’s well being, she finds that she does not get the support she needs from John.  Not knowing that John had got his own concerns due to  the fact that the receptionist at the company that John is running Francine Keyes has accused John of sexual harassment and is now blackmailing John for her silence. So Meg turns to her oldest friend Lynn for help. But Lynn’s got things on her mind she has been keeping a secret for almost half her life,  she is in love with a man and living with the pain of knowing that her love will never be returned and must remain a secret.

Can Meg find the strength to cope when the truth begins to unravel without the people she thought she could count on in difficult times?

For those of you that read my blog regularly you will be probably be able to tell by now that I am a big fan of Mary O’Sullivan books. Inside Out is the fifth book I have read by this brilliant author and I can tell you that Mary O’Sullivan books do not disappoint each book is just as good as the last. All Mary’s books are completely different stories about peoples lives. Told by a fantastic storyteller that really makes you feel for the characters that she really brings to life. Each page of her words drawing you into the characters world that you almost feel you can reach out and touch them.

For more information on books by Mary O’Sullivan visit their website http://www.maryosullivanauthor.ie/ 


  1. Oh my Nikki, this is indeed a lovely review. I will have to listen to your advise and finally read something from Mary. Since this is your fifth book by this author, you must really enjoy her books. Have to check it out for myself!:) Thanks for sharing this lovely review with us Nikki:) x x