Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Morning Breakfast (and murder) Club by Liz Stauffer

When Murder and a series of crimes start happening in the small sleepy village of Mount Penn.  The Thursday Morning Breakfast club leader Lillie May is asked to investigate. Soon Lillie May and her chums become amateur sleuths. Can they catch the killer before they strike again? And restore the village back into the quiet, peaceful village that it was.

The story opens with a fantastic first line that you think wow! This is going to be something amazing. But sadly for me after that it become a bit of a let-down. There is far too much small talk that simply does not seem to go anywhere, or could hold my interest. The part in the story where the detective investigating the murder asks the group to investigate the murder is just so unrealistic. In real life this would be seen as interfering with a police investigation, but the part that really made me not warm to this story at all, was when the group are told that they are to help investigate the murder the woman seem to show delight, and cheer like they have won a competition, now considering this is a small community were everyone knows each other’s business, and each other than surely it would make more sense for a more serious and caring response? I also found there were too many characters in the book, and hard to keep up with everything.

Usually for a murder mystery book I can’t wait to find out who done it, and to see if I had guessed the right suspect, but this was so dull that I was not bothered. It was like there was something missing.  I think the idea for the story could have been a really good one, with some sequel stories, but the story just was not strong enough to maintain a good murder mystery for me.

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