Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Lightbearers by Nora M. Garcia

Dr Adam Natas opens a school were the children’s teachers are robots that he has designed and built.  Jean Crystal is against the opening of the school she feels it would neglect and hold back the children’s emotional, and social growth, and development.  Adam says his school will enhance the children’s IQ.

When Jean visits the school she is further concerned when all the children are far too quiet and are all exceptionally well behaved. Jean calls upon husband George for help, the two have special powers, they are lightbearers, and they reincarnate to help make a difference to the human race.   They must now find the evidence to find out what Adam is doing to make the children’s behaviour robotic.

But are they too late? Is this just the beginning of an evil plan by Adam to take over the world?

Set in the future, a good versus evil storyline. There is a Borg from Star Trek meets Stargate meets Dr Who, kind of feel to the book. It is very entertaining and there is a potential for a sequel to the book and if there was I would read it. The villain of the story Adam feels to be a much stronger character than the two heroes at times, and I felt that some characters killed off in the story I really liked, and I would have liked to see them survive to the end of the book. Having said that I did enjoy the book and I liked the storyline.

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