Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Silver Chain by Primula Bond

Book One of the Unbreakable Trilogy

When Serena Folkes boards the train to leave her empty life behind in Devon, and decides to head for London, she does not expect to meet a handsome stranger while out taken photographers on a cold autumn evening. Photography is her art, and when the stranger Gustav Levi offers to display her photographs in a building he owns, and launch her photographic career in London, on condition that she signs an agreement to become his exclusive companion. Serena is powerless to resist.

An erotic novel that is a lot like 50 Shades of Grey crossed with Rebecca! Well that is how it felt to me anyway. More in the same league as 50 Shades though and not as good as Rebecca.  I liked the way the story was not predictable and that we as a reader are kept completely in the dark about very much of Gustav’s past, and that the characters do end up having their troubled pasts in common. There is a haunting feel to the book from the start and I had the feeling something sinister could happen to Serena and that this could maybe turn into a horror story. But I am pleased to say I was wrong and that it was quite an interesting read with some powerful passion going on with the two leading characters.  I would go onto read the other books in the series as I did find the characters and stories intriguing.

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