Thursday, 11 September 2014

If You Can’t Stand the Heat… by Joss Wood

Jack Chapman is a war correspondent, his work is dangerous and he has to travel to war zones all over the world. When he meets shy and self-doubting Ellie Evans, the daughter of a colleague, he finds the feelings of attraction he feels for Ellie to be far scarier than being an action man reporter.  Jack likes to think himself of more of an observer than someone who would get emotionally involved or attached to someone. Can Ellie Evans change that?

Ellie Evans is attracted to Jack, but she cannot believe that someone as handsome as Jack would be attracted to her. She is afraid Jack may break her heart, but is it Jack’s heart that needs healing?

A heart-warming love story, all the romance you can expect from a Mills & Boon novel that has been wonderfully written into a pocket book, which can easily be read in one sitting.  A sexy and sensual read not to be missed.

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