Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Right Mr Wrong by Natalie Anderson

When Victoria’s boyfriend Oliver proposes to her Victoria says yes even though she is attracted to his best friend Liam. It is at that moment when in life you can make a life changing decision, and be left wondering what if? What if she had said no and giving into temptation and had a relationship with Liam?

This pocket size Mills & Boon is a wonderful romantic story of what happens if Victoria had said yes, and what happens if she said no to the marriage proposal. There are some saucy scenes; two lovers’ two stories to show the different impact it can have when a life changing decision is made in a split second, and what the outcome is in both situations.

How many times in life do we wish we could go back and change things?  Would things have been better if we had decided the opposite on a life-changing decision? Would things have work out differently and changed for the better? 

This is a book well worth reading to find out.

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