Wednesday, 3 July 2013

DayStalker by Kristen Stone

When a number of bodies show up all with the same distinguished bite marks to the neck, DI Morrison is on the case. It soon becomes clear that this is not the usual serial killer they are dealing with; in fact there is something rather unusual about this case.

All Robert wants to do is feed and there are plenty of victims around for him to give into his craving.  When he meets Mandy her low confidence allows him to manipulate her and to take control over her, because he has big plans for Mandy.

The thing I do like about Kristen Stone books is that she does not seem to stick to one genre; therefore all her books are completely different from one another. I would say this book was an erotic horror story, there are some steamy scenes and it is a very dark book. It would usually be a book I would shy away from due to some of the graphic scenes, but the author writes so brilliantly that you are compelled and gripped to read on and it is a book you could easily read in one sitting. The only thing I did not like about this book was that it does come to an abrupt end, but it certainly got me thinking. This book would only be suitable for adults. All in all it is a good read to get your teeth into!

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