Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shattered Dreams by Kristen Stone

Shattered dreams, tells the remarkable story of Tony Walker, who was left disabled after a road accident in his teens. The story is told from the present day and also in the past at the time of the accident. So it is like you have two parallel stories running side by side being told, which makes this book really interesting. We learn about Tony’s accident and how he as to adjust to life with the injuries he sustained in the accident back in 1992. Then we read about what is life is like in the present day. It is an emotionally moving story with love and tragedy, so have the tissues on stand-by!

Author Kristen Stone is not afraid to tackle and write about difficult issues in her book. Her books are true to life and this book really is worth the read. It is one of those great books you just cannot predict the outcome and you really do feel for the leading character and want him to have a happy ending. Another great read from Kristen Stone.

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