Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene Stockman

Poppy Johnson’s life has all been mapped out for her. As she reaches the end of her school education she is expected to follow her families legacy and study investment banking at Columbia, following in her father’s and his father before him footsteps.

When she wins a school scholarship and it looks like all is falling into place and for her to continue on her set out destiny, Poppy has a crisis, a jelly bean crisis.  Since age ten Poppy always eats her favourite red jelly beans last, working her way through the ones she is not so keen on first, and this has become her theory for the way she deals with decision making in her life.

Much to her parent’s horror, Poppy decides to take some time out. To try out and make her own decision about she wants to do career wise with her life. She is about to step off from her perfect pathway into the unknown. Will she learn there is more to life than she ever expected?

A coming of age and a fight for independence story, that is written in a fun and lively way that is funny in parts. This is a great story and I know when I next eat jelly beans I will not look at them in quite the same way again, but much deeper!

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