Friday, 10 August 2012

Black Stones of Ter Chadain by C.S. Yelle

Protector of Ter Chadain Book Two

This is an adult fantasy story.

Following on from where book one left off, the story picks up with Teah unable to claim her destiny and take the throne as the rightful Queen of Ter Chadain. Teah is been held on a slave ship, sailing to Caltoria with other magical slaves to have their fates determined by the evil Empress of Caltoria. Teah has no choice but to keep her true identity secret. As a slave Teah is stripped of her magical powers. When an ancient stone called a soul stone is placed on her forehead, it darkens to a deep black, marking her strongest magical in Caltoria since her ancestor the first Queen of Ter Chadain. This draws unwanted attention to Teah and puts her in great danger.

Logan the protector of Ter Chadain and a small band of rescuers, must hurry to save Teah, risking their lives and some will lose their lives in the quest. Will they be able to save Teah and Ter Chadain from falling under Caltorian rule?

The story is action packed with a huge cast of characters; lots of battles and destruction are packed into this book giving the reader a real quest of adventure that takes the reader along for the ride. A brilliant read for all fantasy fans.

C.S. Yelle is a native of Minnesota; C.S. Yelle received his degree from Mayville State University where he fell in love with the world of fantasy. Father of four, grandfather of one, C.S. enjoys time with his family, friends, the finer points of baseball and golf. Yelle currently resides in a Minneapolis suburb with wife Jennifer and their rat terrier Holly.

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