Thursday, 30 August 2012

I would like to welcome, a very special guest on my blog, author Linn B. Halton

Each step on the learning curve is a risk for a new author…
I’m delighted to be here on Nikki’s blog again, so much has happened in such a relatively short time. I think we first ‘met’ around the time my debut novel was published in February 2011. That now seems like a dim and distant memory!

That one, solitary novel, now has company – three very new ones to join it and another due out in October 2012.

My learning curve as a new writer has been intensive. It’s an exciting time to begin a writing career and the industry is fast-paced. It’s extremely hard work but for someone like myself who came into it with no real expectations, each single review is a joy and a bonus.

However, the learning curve is great. Aside from endeavouring to avoid the typical ‘newbie’ mistakes that most new writers make, it’s also a case of constantly being aware that you need to continue to raise the bar in the way you apply your craft.

One of the big considerations is the genre in which you choose to write, that’s how readers know what to expect when they buy one of your books. But what if you feel the need to experiment, to test yourself and see whether you can write outside of the confines of one genre?

Well, the answer is it’s a risk and the judges are the readers! All you can do it write your stories to the very best of your abilities and put your work out there. I think my example shows that I’m not going to stray very far away from my byline –

 ‘life, love and beyond, but it’s ALWAYS about the romance …..’

but that I am still on a journey of discovery about who I am as an a writer and where I’m going in the future.

Touched By The Light – Book Guild Publishing Feb 2011
A psychic romance story. Is it possible to mend a broken relationship from the other side?

Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy – self-published April 2011
The true story of why I now believe in the existence of life after death.

The Quintessential Gemini – Sapphire Star Publishing Jun 2012
A fun, chick-lit style read about a woman who lives her life according to her daily horoscope.

The Restaurant @ The Mill – Sapphire Star Publishing Aug 2012
Six very different love stories, plus a cameo appearance from the spirit of Sarah who roams the wonderful old mill, which is the home of The Restaurant.

Coming soon (Oct 2012) is Never Alone, another psychic romance story about a young woman who appears to have a perfect life, until everything begins to fall apart…

I write from the perspective of a number of the characters in each of my stories and I suppose The Restaurant was a huge risk in terms of the number of stories and characters involved. I am conscious of trying to make the journey as smooth as I can for the reader, but I hope that seeing things from more than one perspective adds depth and emotion.

So for the time being I will continue to stretch myself and see where each new story is going to take me. However, it will ALWAYS be about the romance!

I’m very grateful to people like Nikki and readers who take the time to post reviews. It’s so important not to become disconnected from the whole point of writing a book and that’s reader satisfaction. I also love it when people Email me and I’ve had suggestions for new stories, sharing of personal losses in relation to the true story I published and a request for a sequel to The Quintessential Gemini … it’s been amazing.

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  1. You've been an amazing support Nikki from virtually day one for me on my journey as a new writer. You've held my hand via Email and have Tweeted for England on my behalf. So a special hug and 'thank you' from me! Lx

  2. What an interesting writing career so far, Linn. Of course, behind the scenes are the years of writing. It must be so fullfilling to see all your hard work now in print and being enjoyed by so many readers. Congratulations on what has been an amazing couple of years and long may your success continue! xx

  3. Superwoman!!! - four novels in less than two years - that is going some!!! To say nothing of all the massive support you give fellow writers - and your family. How does one person do all this? Of course, as Janice says, the books are a culmination of years of hard work - I suspect.

  4. You've worked hard, Linn. Time for the rewards to come in. Having your books out there is a reward in itself. The positive feedback is a good to see and well deserved. Well done.

  5. Thanks to you too Linn it is my pleasure to work with authors like yourself and I really enjoy doing what I do.

  6. I have The Quintessential Gemini in my to read and review pile. I know after reading Linn's other books that I will be in for a good read.

  7. What a fascinating insight. I knew you'd said you'd spent years writing and had a few novels 'stashed away'--how exciting to see them all come to light. Fabulous post, thanks to Nikki for hosting you here today and can't wait to read more of your work! xx

  8. You really are superwoman Linn, have no idea how you do it. Good luck with it all - you deserve it.


  9. From me too, Linn. Loved The Restaurant @ The Mill, as you might have gathered. I said when we 'starred' ;) together on Stafford FM Book Club that one or two authors would have been a little bit lost without you, me included. Well done, m'dear! You continue to amaze me! :) xx