Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chelsea Wives by Anna-Lou Weatherley

Meet the Chelsea Wives

Imogen Forbes a beautiful former model now married to Sebastian. At thirty-six Imogen has still got the looks to be a model and when she gets a second chance at modelling and the chance of a modelling contract with a big company.
Will Sebastian approve?

Calvary Rothschild is Imogen’s oldest and truest friend. A former editor now married to Douglas. Calvary is tired of Douglas unfaithfulness and his latest infidelity would be the final straw, but Calvary knows that ending her marriage means the possibility of giving up her status and standing with the social elite being a Chelsea Wife brings
Will Calvary be prepared to face her fear and give everything up and star a new?

Yasmin Belmont-Jones has a dark secret. She is the glamorous ex party girl.   Compared with her older husband many may think that she is nothing more than a gold digger. But could it be something else that ties Yasmin to her husband Lord Belmont?

From the outside it looks like these women have it all. Rich husbands, that brings sophistication, glamour and wealth. But that is not all the Chelsea wives have in common and they are about to unite in an unbreakable bond as they are prepared to risk all in their need for revenge and to avenge.

Chelsea Wives is an amazing read. It is just a fabulous book. It is a book you just can not put down. It plays out in your mind like a really good film. The characters are just brilliant and all are highly interesting. The storyline is excellent and very well written. I loved it. I could go on and on about just have fantastic it is but why don’t you step in to the lives of the Chelsea Wives and find out for yourself, you are in for a good read.

Anna-Lou Weatherley was born in Hampshire and grew up in London where she still lives with her partner and two children. An award-winning journalist and women’s lifestyle writer for over fifteen years, she is the former editor and acting editor of J-17 and Smash Hits respectively and has written for all the major glossies including, Grazia, More, Company, and Marie Claire among others.

She is the author of two teen titles, Ibiza Summer and The Wrong Boy (Piccadilly Press.) Chelsea Wives is her first adult novel.

And now, a few words from the author, Anna-Lou Weatherley

I am a huge fan of authors Jackie Collins and Martina Cole. I would like to think (hope) that my novels include the glitz, glamour, excess and sexiness of Jackie's and the multi-faceted, gritty, flawed characters of Martina's. They have both been a huge influence on my writing and I admire them immensely.

I adore writing about exotic locations, glamour and excess (basically create my ideal world!), but I also try to create a reality to my characters. They are usually very flawed and hopefully three dimensional (like real people!). Characters are my thing. I spend many months working on them and become incredibly close to them by the end.

I don't think of myself as a chick-lit writer. I'm not keen on the label. My books are escapism and written for women (and cover many issues women of all ages can relate to)  but they are certainly not fluffy!

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