Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Voices of Southampton by Penny Legg

Voices of Southampton, is a wonderful collection of people from Southampton telling their stories and experiences of growing up in Southampton. The stories come from a variety of different people that recall their memories going to school and work or personal memories of their family, friends and members of the community. There is also a chapter on Southampton stories during the war. There is a good collection of photographs to accompany the stories. 

I found all the stories interesting in this book. The one I was most moved by was the story about Ben Parker, which is told by his son. Ben Parker was the only survivor in an air raid. The actual air raid shelter was bombed that Ben was in and he was the only survivor. The air raid killed Ben’s mother, and all his siblings. Ben was only ten when this happened to him. The book shows a moving letter Ben wrote to his father.

There are many more uplifting and sometimes funny stories too. The book is full of interesting stories and there are some really colourful characters in the book.  By the end of reading the book you do have a great insight into how Southampton has changed in the last seventy years.  Another brilliant read from Penny Legg.

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